Cowboy Poetry

Cowboy Poetry
Posted on 11/01/2019

Eagle Academy participated in a seven-week program called COWBOY POETRY LIFE SKILLS.  During this time life skill were taught through a curriculum comparing their lives to the lives of Cowboys ranching out west and how even though the life styles are so different, the knowledge and demonstration of life skills are the same.

Each day began with the students arriving, bringing out Cowboy Poetry Pic 1their bale of hay, from the hay barn, to sit on, in a circle, for the skill introduction and discussion.  Each student was asked to give their definition of the ‘life skill of the day’ with no right or wrong answer.  Following the intro, a life story was told about the lives of cowboys and how that particular life skill was necessary to keep them safe, as well as their team and the cattle.  Then a discussion of comparisons followed.

Cowboy Poetry Pic 2With each life skill discussed, an activity followed using the horses, to bring awareness and the importance of using that life skill in school, at home, at work, and in their personal lives.  Many weeks these activities became personal challenges to the students and they began to learn respect, trust, alertness, honesty, patience, service and finally celebration. 

Following the activity, the group would again join the circle of hay bales and discuss the day.  Each student wrote in a journal, where they could also ask the instructors questions about the farm, horses, and their care.  These questions and answers helped them when preparing the horses for each day’s activity.  These journals went home with each student at the week of Celebration for personal future reflection.